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Mission Statement

Our Mission:

  1. Assist the retailer, to achieve maximum exposure of their catalogues.
  2. Assist the distribution companies, to achieve maximum performance from their resources.
  3. Assist the consumer, to maximize their exposure to retailer's sales catalogues. 

Our Vision:

  1. Provide the retailer with the means, to independently monitor their letterbox distribution.
  2. Provide the distribution companies with the means, to independently assess their teamsí performance.
  3. Provide the consumer with the means, to report on the letterbox distribution.
  4. Make the letterbox distribution industry accountable, to the retailer.
  5. Improve & maintain the expectations of all retailers, & wholesalers. 

Our Plan:

  1. Join the resources of the retailers, the distributors & the consumers, to achieve a common goal, of maximum exposure of the retailersí catalogues, & maximize the benefits of this service.
  2. Monitor & report to our clients, on the exposure of their catalogues to the consumer, by Census Collection District.

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