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Letterbox Distribution Problems

Letterbox distribution is a very cost effective means for the local & national business to promote their goods &/or services to the general public.

However, there is a perception that problems exist, & that not all material reaches the letterbox. People always hear stories about the ones that didn't go out. The old saying "Bad news sells".

Many distributors argue that they achieve very high "hit rates", & Many retailers have tried to test these claims, by asking staff, customers, family & friends, whether they have received their catalogues.

Unfortunately, all this has done is to add to the confusion, because the people being questioned aren't as passionate about the outcome as the retailer. Often saying "NO" to avoid further questions on the subject. When someone is asked the question, often their immediate reaction is, "there must be a problem with the distribution".

When these addresses are forwarded to the distributor, & found to be false reports, this leaves the retailer & distributor, uneasy about the outcome, & distrust over the answer, further fuelling perception. This only clouds the water, when genuine reports are forwarded to the distributor.

Australian Junk Mail Survey, whose members are passionate about receiving catalogues in their letterboxes, is all about setting the record straight, & finding the true strike rate, & highlighting any deficiencies in the system. Our audit system, unlike any other, is independant, & aimed at the Junk Mail Lover, who is passionate about receiving their catalogues.

The outcome should be win/win/win for the Retailer, the Distributor & the Junk Mail Lover.

Problems assocaited with letterbox distribution

Larger retailers have the experience, the cash flow & the resources, to promote their business effectively. With all this, comes the knowledge of what works, & what doesn't work, as well as the creative minds, to seek out new & better ways to improve & add to their promotions.

However, the smaller retailer, must be "Jack of all trades" being the business manager, the technician, the advertaising manager, the payroll officer.

This leaves him/her exposed, when it comes to promoting the business. When planning a campaign, the small business owner will often plan the promotion, decide on the imput, the prices, the areas, & the timing of the campaign.

However, when it comes to putting it all together, it requires one component he cannot do on his/her own. In the case of a letterbox flyer or catalogue, it's the manpower to place the articles in the letterbox.

When the campaign doesn't work as expected, the first finger is pointed at the letterbox distributor, because that was the one thing not in the direct control of the business owner.

When it comes to auditing letterbox distribution, AJMS have the knowledge, experience & the know-how, to check on the success of the letterbox distribution.

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