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Client F.A.Q.

How do I know my advertising material is being distributed, & distributed into the correct areas & distributed at the correct time?

Until now, the retailer has relied on the letterbox distributor for feed back, or done their own limited checks. The retailer may have access to friends, family, customers & staff for feed back. However, the reliability of the feed back is often questionable, & the sample is small & not evenly spread across the distribution area. AJMS have a large database of reliable resources & the infrastructure to service very large areas, & provide meaningful reports to the retailer, on the results.


How reliable are the AJMS resources?
AJMS only recruit people having a very keen interest in the advertising material they receive, in their letterboxes. All data received is sourced & cross checked for accuracy.


How many resources would be checking on a distribution of one million homes?
A minimum of 5,000 residents would be surveyed on a distribution of this size. A minimum of 32,500 would be surveyed on a distribution of 6.5 million homes. That's 0.5% of the distribution area.


Are the surveys taken across the distribution area or only in selected pockets?
Surveys will be conducted across the entire distribution area, & we conduct surveys in every serviceable Census Collection District, within that area. 


What credentials do AJMS have in the letterbox distribution industry?

With over 20 years experience in the letterbox distribution industry, we have the knowledge & know-how to conduct the surveys to extract the most accurate & upto date information.

We have worked with retailers, distributors & consumers, who share a frustration, when non-delivery &/or improper delivery is reported.

We understand the frustrations of the retailer, the distribution companies & the residents.


Why would we utilize your services?

  1. We are independant.
  2. We have the knowledge.
  3. We have the resources.
  4. We have the infrastructure.
  5. We provide several levels of reports confirming distribution.
  6. We provide maps confirming distribution.


Do you provide areas distributed & areas not distributed?
We recruit residents in all Census Collection Districts throughout Australia. Initially we will only provide positive confirmation of distribution.


How much notice is required for a survey to be conducted on our distribution?
On the first survey we will require a month's notice, as there is much planning required.


Can we sample your service, without committing to a full Australian survey of 6,500,000 homes?

Shortly, we will be inviting selected businesses to sample our surveys.

If you would like to be considered, please email us from our Contact Us Page


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